Getting Kubernetes Certified

My goal for Q1 2019 is to add the Certified Kubernetes Administrator certification to my resume. In regards to writing about previous certification experiences, I have either:

  • written a general outline of the experience much later
  • not written about it at all, or
  • just posted my study notes

After more or less every certification, people have asked me what I did to prepare for the certification. Generally, the answer has been some combination of “practical experience and watching the A Cloud Guru course.” Since I don’t really have any experience to speak of with Kubernetes, I’ve decided to a few things differently with this certification. My plan here is to:

  1. Document all resources used
  2. Document all time spent studying/preparing
  3. Document any projects I pursue in order to augment my studies/learning experience
  4. Document the examination process
  5. Document the outcome of the examination process

I’ll log all my activity in this Google sheet. Hopefully this process is informative and helps someone else (or maybe even myself) out on future efforts!

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