Hugo: Here We Go!

Since I moved back in April, my server has been offline, and with it my old Wordpress-based blog. With my new home, there isn’t really anywhere convenient to run a noisy 1U server blade. This got me thinking about whether or not the server was really essential – of course I still wanted to host my blog somewhere, as well as some other services that I really like having hosted in-house: my own personal Seafile server and email among them. After a lot of thought and some number-crunching, I decided I’d get a lot more bang for my buck decommissioning the server and moving everything to the cloud.

I’ve got my email and Seafile servers set up in their own VPC in AWS. It’s pretty nice to be able to leave the servers off for the most part and just turn them on when needed, so I’m really happy with that decision. Even before the move and the decision to no longer host my own infrastructure in-house, I was wanting to get away from WordPress. After building out some serverless apps using static Angular hosting in S3 buckets and see how simple and easy it makes deployments (and not having to mess with nginx or apache and a database engine just to host a blog), I started looking into static blog engines. After much research, I decided to go with Hugo. And here we are: first Hugo post (coming to you from S3)!

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