Review of Bespoke Post: Why I Cannot Recommend Their Service

I signed up for Bespoke Post last October, receiving two orders and skipping one. The second box showed up in December – a decanter and two glasses (their Parlor box), only one of the glasses was shattered.

shattered glass

“No big deal,” I reason to myself. This sort of thing probably happens every now and then, so I pull up Bespoke’s site and find their support email. I send an email explaining the situation and receive some great news in reply:

first email exchange

Wow! After that exchange, I really felt good about doing business with Bespoke Post. The promise to send an entire kit as a replacement was far more than I was going to ask for (I was going to ask for a $10 credit or something on the next box); however, they made the offer, and it sounded great, so I went with it. The holidays came and went – lots of packages came – none of them, however, came from Bespoke Post. Going through email on New Year’s Day, I came across the above thread regarding the replacement shipment (which had never arrived). At that point, I had a decision to make – I could resurrect the old thread and follow-up and badger them to do what they had already promised me they would do (but had not), or I could discontinue my relationship with them. After all, I’m basically spending $50 or more every month with them for unnecessary luxury items (that is to say, such a service seems to imply a certain level of customer service). I decided to call it. After hunting around their website for a curiously missing “Cancel Account” link or button, I finally broke down and sent them an email asking them to cancel my account, the outcome of which follows:

cancel account email exchange

Wrong answer.

Right answer: Mr. Campbell, I looked into this and see that we indeed promised you a replacement, which was never sent – my apologies for our oversight. Even if you decide to cancel your account today, I’ll still be sending you the replacement Parlor box, as we plan to honor the promise we made to you. We value you as a customer, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience this matter has caused you.

Had I received a message like the latter, I’d still be a customer, and I’d be writing a post that’s a glowing recommendation of their service, not a “save your $50” post. To be clear, this isn’t about me not getting a free replacement – it’s about them never even acknowledging the situation when I decided it wasn’t worth my time to chase the issue. That is terrible customer service, and that is why I suggest you spend your money (and time and energy) somewhere else.

The point of this post isn’t to bash Bespoke Post, it is to convey my experience with them. Unfortunately, my experience was quite negative. If you’ve had an experience with them – positive or negative – I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to leave a comment here or DM me on Twitter @geekmuse.

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