Travel: Favorite Restaurants

I’ve had the good fortune of traveling quite a bit recently. I’m no connoisseur, but I do like a good meal. As I come across a great restaurant, I’ll make a note of it here.

Austin, TX

  • Moonshine Grill: I had the Green Chile Macaroni and a friend had the Chicken & Waffles (both of us greatly enjoyed our meals).

Atlanta, GA

  • DBA Barbeque: I had the Archie Bunker (it was great). Another friend had the Three Meat Sampler (also very happy with his meal).

  • Fado Irish Pub - Midtown: Food was ok. More mentionable was their Manhattan.

  • Tin Lizzy’s: I ate at the Midtown location. Tacos were awesome, and the service was amazing.

Kansas City, MO

  • Grunauer: No amount of ranting will convey my love for this place. The food is amazing, as are the drinks, atmosphere, and service.

New York, NY

  • Masala King: Quiet place with amazing chicken korma. I got a mixed drink with cucumber in it that was awesome, too.

  • Farida: Several years ago, I went to Central Asia. The food here here is the real deal. Interesting selection of import beers, too.

  • The Smith: Amazing fresh seafood (the raw oysters on the half-shell were some of the best I’ve ever had). Also one of the best Manhattans I’ve ever had.

  • Souvlaki GR Midtown: The food here was amazing; the prices were also quite reasonable given the quality of food and the location. For my own personal preference, however, I found the space a bit loud and a tad claustrophobic (this is purely a matter of opinion, and perhaps a matter of being from somewhere where space isn’t at such a premium).

  • Joe’s Pizza: Amazing NYC pizza. I usually go to the one on Broadway.

  • Maison Kayser: Yeah, it’s a chain or whatever, but I don’t care. This is a great place to grab breakfast or some great pastries to take home if you want to take some of the city back home with you.

Las Vegas, NV

  • Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres: Some incredibly interesting options here, and everything was amazing. Went home with the meat sweats.

  • Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak: 14oz domestic Waygu skirt: amazing; Assorted Wild Mushrooms: amazing; Dark & Stormy: ok, but not the best I’ve had.

  • Jasmine: I thought this was a good middle-of-the-road dining experience, but nothing close to justifying the cost of the meal.

Harrisonburg, VA

  • Rocktown Kitchen: Great date spot. Wonderful service, food, drinks, and fun atmosphere.

Walt Disney World, Orland, FL


  • Original: 2018-09-02
  • Edited: 2019-01-21; added Souvlaki GR, Joe’s, Maison, Rocktown Kitchen
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